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GoddessCast Special Episode: Heather Dale's Celtic Avalon

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GoddessCast: Witchy Cinema

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GoddessCast: Episode 3

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GoddessCast: Interview with Mama Gina

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GoddessCast: Interview with Kellianna

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GoddessCast: Interview with Lon Milo DuQuette

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GoddessCast: Episode 2 (Featuring Amelia Hogan)

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GoddessCast: Songs of the Goddess Collection review

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GoddessCast: the Spirit of Albion review

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GoddessCast: Episode 1

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What I've been doing for the past month or so.

Hey everyone. I know the blog's been basically non-existent for the past month or so. As you may or may not know, I've been concentrating all my of  efforts to a few subjects, which are very important to me. The first being Goddesscast, a Podcast that I started with my wife Makena, which so far is coming along quite well.

The second thing I've been working on, though less "paganish" than the podcast, is working on joining a ...
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Songs of the Goddess reviews: Goddess Kiss'd

A short while ago, and I'm pretty sure it was at the beginnings of GoddessCast, we (Makena and I) were contacted by Mama Gina, a Pagan artist from Florida.

I have to admit, the moment I started listening to her album Goddess Kiss'd, I was blown away; by the quality of the production, the catchiness of the music and Gina's brilliant voice. She's a fantastic story-teller, ...
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Robin Renée supports Anti-Bullying You Will Rise Project

Robin contacted me recently, and after reading about this project; the passion in her intent and what this music stands for, there was no way I could not pass this along to you. I stand and applaud Robin for giving her time, energy and her creativity to this project. I think it's a beautiful and amazing thing.

No one has the right to oppress, belittle and hurt others because they are different. We need to come together ...
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Celia is looking for a Minion (sort of)

Celia had shared a newsletter recently and I thought I would help spread the word about it; it's very exciting. I'm not going to try to summarize it, she's put her intentions out there perfectly, so I'll just let her explain everything.

"It is New Moon. ...
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SotG Record Review: Neofolk Romantique

Sharon Knight can do it all. For those of you who are familiar with her work, you'll understand that statement. For those of you who might not be familiar, let me explain.

Sharon Knight, along with her guitar God extraordinaire Winter, have been a staple of the Pagan music scene for many, many years. Not only is there Sharon's solo work (two previous albums Incantation and Song of the Sea), she also travels and tours with ...
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GoddessCast reviews the Spirit of Albion

We hope you enjoyed the episode, to purchase your own copy of the movie or merchandise go to the Spirit of Albion page!

Buy your own copy HERE.

To hear Draeden’s past interview with the director/screen writer, Gary Andrews please click this
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Episode One is here!

I really thought it was going to take longer to get approved, but I'm happy to finally announce:

Here is the first episode.. It's available for download at iTunes and Stitcher Radio for those who have an Android Phone or don't have iTunes.

You can also use the player below... Show Notes will be posted today as well.

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Songs of the Goddess Presents: GoddessCast

I am so very pleased to announce that around the first of August, Songs of the Goddess will be launching GoddessCast: a Podcast to coincide with the Blog. This new endeavor will be hosted by me and my wife Makena.

Makena and I have been thinking a long time about doing something like this and after many months of preparation and research, we've come to the point where we are ready to ...
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Buried Within the Lyrics: Prodigal Son

It's no secret that I love Kamelot. For those who know me they would easily be able to tell you that Kamelot is my favourite band: ever. I have their logo tattooed on me for Goddess's sake. It definitely makes me happy to finally be able to share my favourite band here on Songs of the Goddess; because I'm not just going to put one ...
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Songs of the Goddess has a new look

Pardon our dust...   As you can already see, Songs of the Goddess is heading in a new direction, starting with a facelift. We here at the blog are planning a LOT of really exciting changes, including new features, new means to share information and of course, a new look.

Keep checking back often to learn more about what we have in store for you. We hope you like what you see.

If you have any
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Deborah Hamouris has music and creativity to spare

For those in the know, (those who subscribe to Deborah Hamouris's newsletter), she recently announced some dates for some exciting and entertaining to be had including concerts, workshops and more.. Here's all the details, in Deborah's own words:

Summertime, and the playing is easy!

The Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering was ...
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Damh the Bard upcoming tour dates

Damh the Bard is setting up tour dates for the UK and I wanted to make sure you all knew about it. He's released a few dates, and I'm sure more's to come.. Keep an eye on Damh's Official Website and here, and check back for more dates.

Here's what he's announced so far:

July 13
PaganCon - at Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Club
Fulwood, LNH UK
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Help Kenny Klein with his new project and tour.

Kenny Klein is looking for help for his upcoming project. Here's what he has to say about it:"

FishBird is a new dark rock jam band, featuring Kenny Klein, a fairly well known musician, author and photographer, and Rachel Maxann, former lead singer of Elemental Groove Theory. FishBird is a big departure in style ...
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SotG Record Review: Sisters of the Moon

This is long overdue as I've had this album for quite a while: regardless I feel the old adage of "better late than never" works as well here as anywhere else.

I am thankful to have had the foresight to not let this exquisite collection of gorgeous Goddess music pass me by, though, having been familiar ...
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Songs of the Goddess reviews: Starbound Beast

Off and on here throughout the past couple years I've been gushing about a amazing band called Huntress (you can see all my Huntress posts here) and I was honoured, last year to have a one on one interview with their incredibly talented vocalist, Jill Janus, who - though she's a very beautiful and empowered woman, was also very sweet and incredibly down to earth when I talked with her and I was amazed of just ... << MORE >>

Help Merida to remain Brave

I know this is somewhat old news, and I meant to share this some time ago, but I wanted to share this to keep it out there and inform those of you who might not know about this.

As many of us know, Brave (Pixar's latest "Princess" animated film) featured a not so average ending for feisty Merida: instead of the atypical Disney Princess ending, where she finds happily ever after because of falling in love ...
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Huntress reveals artwork for Starbound Beast

Some wonderful news from Huntress. Looks like they've revealed the cover artwork for their sophomore album entitled Starbound Beast. Above is the artwork created by Vance Kelly. According to the Revolver post (shared below) we'll see Starbound Beast in North America July 2nd. As soon as I get my copy, I'll be sure to review ...
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The Pagan community is gathering together to send aid to help Boston recover

This information was posted on the Songs of the Goddess Facebook page just a couple days ago, and I wanted to make sure that this reaches as many people as possible, so I'm going to share what was posted here on the blog.

We all know what a horrible tragedy the Boston Marathon bombing was and many people were injured, the city itself was injured. It's heartwarming to see the Pagan community coming together to ...
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PantheaCon 2014 Announced!

I am please to announce that PantheaCon has released not only the info for what dates Registration opens and prices change, but that they're NOT going to do the Lottery for rooms and are limiting everyone to one room per person. I think this is a fabulous thing and I am very excited to attend next year. Once we get closer to the actual event and they release information on what presentations will go on this year ...
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Musician and composer donates proceeds from upcoming project to the Sea Shephard

Some amazingly interesting news was shared on my Facebook page today and I felt it necessary to share with all of you. Ysanne, a violinist and composer (who is best known for working with the Smashing Pumpkins, has created an audio/visual project, with the help of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, that will benef
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Songs of the Goddess Record Review: Transplants

As I mentioned a while ago on the Official Songs of the Goddess Facebook page, I had received a package from the amazingly talented Amelia Hogan, which held her first solo album "Transplants: From the Old World to the New" with some lovely messages of thanks from her in the CD and on the envelope. I was truly appreciative if Amelia taking the time to mail me my copy with those kind words attached. It makes ...
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Buried Within the Lyrics: Spelled in Waters

A weekend in February , my wife and I had visited the coast to spend time with my father and deal with some business up there. The two days we were up there, I had occasionally noted that 1). Is was amazingly quiet and peaceful and 2). The sounds and smells of the ocean were just a wonder to behold.

I didn't quite realise it at the time, because as we all well know, ...

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Buried Within the Lyrics: Music from Disneyland

Throughout most of my life, I've never thought much of Disneyland. I've been two a fair amount of theme parks in my day and the Happiest Place on Earth" was just too far away to be worth it.

Then my Wife comes into my life and takes me there for what would be ...
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Some Announcements from Songs of the Goddess

First off, I would like to thank you all for visiting here at Songs of the Goddess. It is my intention for this blog to continue to grow and grow to reach as many people as I can, to share beautiful and inspirational music and to honour the Goddess and God.

Some things I want to remind everyone is that you can follow me on twitter. . Please click the link under the picture below to Follow Songs ...
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Musical Beauty: We Shall be Free

It's not often that a country song can be associated with Goddess  music or Pagan-esque mentality, but there are a few out there which speaks to the Beauty we all want for this planet we live on and with.

In the 90's Country Music was all the rage, and even I was caught up in the maelstrom of it all; clad in Wranglers, cowboy boots and hat, big belt buckles and line dancing like I was ...

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Heidevolk, Ensiferum and PaganFest 2013 Tour Dates

Critically acclaimed Dutch pagan metallers Heidevolk will embark upon their first North American tour starting later this week! Touring alongside the esteemed ENSIFERUM and former labelmates TYR as well as hot newcomers Trollfest and Helsott, Napalm recording artists HEIDEVOLK will proudly take part in Paganfest America Part IV, which will roll through 21 cities across the United States and Canada. Presented ...
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Omnia has created the perfect Pagan anthem

Omnia, a Pagan-Folk band from the Netherlands, recently released a video for "I Don't Speak Human" from their last album, Musick and Poëtree (2011) which happens to be their first official music video: and what a wonderful song to be the first.

This song perfectly speaks for man
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Emilie Autumn Fight Like a Girl - Colonial Theater

On Friday, February 1st (the night before Imbolc), I was in California's State Capitol, Sacramento, at the Colonial Theater to see one of my favourite artists: Emilie Autumn. What made this show even more spectacular was the Meet and Greet that I had paid a bit extra for.

As I'm sure many of you might have noticed, EA (an abbreviation familiar to her fans: lovingly referred to as Plague Rats) isn't quite what you would classify as "Pagan", New Age, or typical Goddess-worship music in any way, shape or form; though I have blogged here about her and her music before here on Songs of the Goddess. There are many things, though, that's so beautiful, creative and poignant about her art (and that evening), that I would be remiss to not share it with you all .

First off, if you're unfamiliar with EA, at first glance you'll find a sugar-overloaded feast for the eyes. Her varying shades of shockingly vibrant hair colours, bubblegum Gothic make-up and wildly outlandish Victorian Brothel/Institutional mashed outfits could be a huge turn off at first for the more conservative types, but please give yourself a moment to take it all in and get to know who she is as an artist and you'll come to discover that there's a method to her madness, and everything she does means SOMETHING.

Autumn experienced abuse, which began when she was six years old, and is a survivor of rape. She keeps a ritual of drawing a heart on her cheek as a symbol of protection. - Bizarre

Her music is something else: a hodgepodge of Victorian, Classical, Electronica, Dance and the kitchen sink. She's a virtuoso on the Violin and Harpsichord and probably a million other instruments. Her music consists of layers upon layers of melancholy, regret, dark thematics to empowerment and silliness.  Some songs are hauntingly beautiful, some seething with pain and some where she bares her naked flesh for you to do with as you please as she could care less of the results or consequences.

There are so many levels and layers to Emilie and her music that one could go on and on about both subjects and never truly be able to put into words the right way just how spectacular it all is. There are some people out there, who might not get it, which is fine. For me, it was as easy to fall in love with her music as it is casting a circle or embarking on a spirit journey. Music, like anything in life it is all a matter of personal taste and we all are attracted to and identity with those things that speak to us individually. There is no right or wrong.

As far as the concept of EA and her music, if I had to describe to you what it is and what she's about, I could only say (without going in to too much detail) is that Emile's music is about her "character" being an inmate, or former inmate, of a Victorian Mental Institution.  Some of the music tells a story about the horrid things that women faced in those days with some songs subject matter revolving around the travesties many of then went through (much like the horrible experiences accused Witches went through during the Burning Times). Sometimes it also deals with her inability (or sometimes ability) to cope with these "experiences". Every so often there's rainbows and unicorns, but for the most part it's dark and twisted, yet through it all you feel her strength to go on and sympathise with her plight.

In regards to her latest album, Fight Like a Girl, the album has been described as "an operatic feminist treatise set inside an insane asylum, wherein the female inmates gradually realize their own strength in numbers. - SF Examiner

Now on to the evening and eventual meeting with Miss EA.

Upon arriving to the venue, which I've never been to before, I spotted an already huge line: being as I had the Meet and Greet package and knew I would get in early, I wasn't worried.

After retrieving my ticket at Will-call, I didn't wait long to be ushered into the venue. After a few instructions and rules from one of her crew, about 20 or so of us (I wasn't sure) filed in line to wait our turn to meet her.

When she finally came out, wearing red and white stripy socks, red leotard and white tank top type shirt - we finally were exposed to what we were in for. Her first instructions to all of us was, while we waited, to turn around and make a new friend for life (that was pretty unique and inspiring - and a constant theme for the evening).

In chatting with the girls around me (mostly in their early 20's) we all talked and passed the time realizing while watching the first few who had gone before us that we were in for a very intimate encounter. The majority of girls near me who I talked to, or overheard, collectively gave me the impression that they were in line to meet God and this was on par with a spiritual pilgrimage for many of them. Some came from Reno, one young lady drove up from Monterrey; for a large group of these fans, it really was a pilgrimage.

Some had talked about previous EA shows attended, some talked about gifts they had brought for her or what they wanted to tell her: all were nervous and excited. I was getting nervous and excited, I really had no idea what I was getting in to, what I would say and truth be told I felt a bit self conscious. Because of the time spent alone with each Meet and Greet fan, this process took quite a while, so after a long wait, I was next in line.

Though this might come across as strange, especially since I am so compelled to share this experience with you all, I have to admit that I feel like if I were to share the details about my interaction and conversation with her, I would lessen its importance because, and I really do feel that this experience and those precious moments talking to her was her gift to me and me alone.  And I will always remember this special moment each time I hear "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" from now on.

When all was said and done, picture taken, I walked away understanding just how those young women I chatted in line felt about her; that I had just met the Dalai Lama, Queen Victoria and the Goddess all at the same time.  Not because I saw her as divine, but that I walked away from that encounter feeling so much better about myself and my life than those moments I spent before the encounter. It was a healing experience, it was a magickal experiance  - it was an important event to me.

The evening's entertainment was also nothing short of breathtaking with EA offering a brilliant stage production, costume changes and of course bringing along a couple of her cohorts "Naughty" Veronica Varlow and Captain Maggot of "The Bloody Crumpets".

Captain Maggot introduces EA and Veronica's Fan Dance

The set list went all over her musical history though it concentrated on Ophiliac and Fight Like a Girl.  The show itself is a combination of Alice Cooper, Vaudeville and Broadway mixed with plenty of sensuality, sexuality, frivolity and the perfect amount of humour. Emilie Autumn's show is definitely one you walk away from feeling that you've gotten your money's worth.  The costumes, sets, content and all around entertainment value was about as perfect as you can get.

Although this was an incredibly magickal, and yes - almost spiritual, experience for me, I definitely hope it wasn't a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Like Disneyland decorated for Halloween, I would like to go back and repeat this again and again.

All photos and video taken by yours truly.

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Sharon Knight reveals the Ring of Enchantment


Recently, Pagan icon Sharon Knight (Sharon Knight, Pandemonaeon, Sharon Knight Trio) unveiled a amazing new way for her fans to work with her in a highly interactive environment as well as beginning highly personal spiritual healing endeavors created with magick and music. Sharon, who is not only an extremely talented musician and artist, is a healer using Sonic Alchemy and "custom-crafted musical rituals exclusively for Ring of Enchantment members".

From Sharon:
<< MORE >>

Spiral Rhythm is looking for help to make a new album

Spiral Rhythm currently has a Kickstarter campaign to help with the finances needed to create their upcoming album entitled Let The Magic Begin. If you head over to their Kickstarter page you'll learn all about the project and what you can do to help make it happen. ...
<< MORE >>

Jess and the Ancient Ones premier Astral Sabbat video

Just last friday I shared with you the news, and my thoughts on Jess and the Ancient Ones' upcoming EP "Astral Sabbat". Today, they released their first music video for their new release and it looks spectacular..

Scattered throughout the video are images and iconography associated with ...
<< MORE >>

Songs of the Goddess reviews: Astral Sabbat

Late last year I blogged about a fantastic new band form Finland called Jess and the Ancient Ones, who blended Pagan themes and Psychedelic '70 Rock. Their first self titled album, was a fantastic discovery with catchy tunes and infectious riffs. Less than a year later, Jess and Co release a three song EP called Ancient Sabbat. This EP features three varying tunes, all noticeably different styles with near 15 minute long More Than Living being my ... << MORE >>

Heather Dale tours the Pacific NorthWest

I wanted to share this all with you. Singer/Songwriter Heather Dale will be performing at a few shows in Washington and Oregon late January/Early February. If you're in the area, or plan on being there around that time frame I highly recommend attending if you're able. Heather really is a fantastic storyteller/performer and you'll have a brilliant time at her show!

January 26 - Conflikt Science Fiction Convention, SeaTac, Seattle WA ...
<< MORE >>

We the People finally have a President who respects the plight of the LGBT Community

Today, on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, something quite unbelievably and long overdue happened and it wasn't just that our PresidentBarack ...

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Songs of the Goddess reviews: Sully Erna's Avalon Boxed Set

Near the end of December of 2012 I had purchased and received probably one of the most amazingly well-packaged boxed sets in the history of boxed sets: Sully Erna's Avalon Boxed Set. think the only way it could have been better is if Sully himself was crammed in that box 'o awesome. All kidding aside, the amount and quality of the contents within were just phenomenal, all ...

<< MORE >>

Celia's New Music for a New Era

Singer/Songwriter/Artist Celia wants to create a new project and needs your help to make it happen. If you click the link below, you'll read all about it: both the project and what her goals are. You'll also see some pretty incredible rewards for your donation to this project ranging from digital downloads up to a << MORE >>

Songs of the Goddess remembers Amanda Calloway

I hate to have to start off my return to blogging with bad news but I feel this is more important than to just mention on the SOTG wall.

During my sporadic Facebook scrollings, I happened to notice that there was a memorial service for one of my Facebook friends, Amanda Calloway who happens to be a founding member of the amazing vocal group Bell, Book and ...

<< MORE >>

Two non-traditional albums you really should know about.

Just to keep things interesting I have a couple more albums to share with you all. These two albums might not be Pagan in any sense of the word and there may be some "religious" songs dashed in these records here and there, but so many of us celebrate Christmas as well as Yule that its good to have new and exciting versions of the standards that many of us love and listen to this time of the year, setting ...

<< MORE >>

Three traditional Yule albums you must know about

My first few Yule seasonal posts have been sharing (and sometimes finding) individual songs to post here both for your listening enjoyment and to possibly add to your own Yule tradition like I have. As time goes on, and to and to satiate my need to curtail recurring content, I have decided to change things up a bit. ...

<< MORE >>

A holiday favourite of Songs of the Goddess

This is one of my favourite contemporary holiday songs. The original, featuring Bing Crosby and a young David Bowie, blends together icons of both the modern age (during the 70's) with a cherished master of crooning. Together they ...
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